Picture this: It's a hot summer day, nothing planned and you wake up bright and early, when you get a message from your Photographer friend. "Hey can you shoot this wedding happening at Eastern Beach, Geelong TODAY!" Normally, you'd say no since it's such short notice, but you say YES and jump into gear and shoot the best you can!

From impromptu wedding photographer to treasured memories.

There's something about taking on a last minute wedding that puts it all into perspective. Without you, this wedding may not have been captured, we may not have been able to see the couple laugh uncontrollably when a tour train passes by them during couples photos, we wouldn't have seen the absolute sick champagne bottle photo. It's bringing in a specific photographer that can not only capture what's needed but put their own personality into the day that does it for me.

Nothing can get in the way of their love.

The day was so beautiful and perfect. Sunny skies, distant laughter and cheers from the happy crowds on the beach next door, the smiling faces of the people passing by, wishing they got to watch the excited couple in love get married.
Andrew and Alex had been waiting for this day for a while! They had originally planned to have it mid 2020 but lockdown had other plans. Despite the setbacks, they were determined to make it happen. This was the day they tie the knot!

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