When Jacinta + Wade first came to me with their idea for their Greenhouse Wedding in the Dandenong Ranges I could never had guessed it would be this magical.

If you are ever thinking of wanting to elope, honestly the Mimosa Spahouse would have to easily be one of my go to suggestions!

Some would say fate isn't real...

Wade and Jacinta’s souls met when they were just 19. From one night on the couch together
they formed a connection that sparked their relationship which continues here with them today.
Some would say fate isn't real, but for Jacinta & Wade, not long after they met, they ended up on
the same train and same carriage. From here Jacinta invited Wade to her 19th birthday the
following week. Wade knowing this girl seems special, turned up, knowing he wouldn't miss another chance to see her.
Wade and Jacinta have always had a spontaneous love of travel. Having traveled to Vietnam,
Bali and Canada their love for adventure together flourished. Although Canada was not just a
trip, Jacinta and Wade lived there for 16 months. During their time travelling abroad they grow
together as a couple learning how to navigate new cultures, making plenty of friends and
exploring all that the world has to offer

He is my best friend, my soulmate..

Our last 2 years have been rough, the toughest yet (having broken up for 4 months) but in the end, we
chose each other. We both know that this connection we have is like a magnet. He is my best
friend, my soulmate, team member and the person that I want to share all life's adventures with.
Our words are sharing, caring and understanding and we focus on growing together
One of his favourite things is to come kiss me goodbye in the morning; half asleep and bed I say
"I love you too"

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